Effluent Treatment Support Services

We have developed a wide range of effluent treatment support services to keep up your plant operations, centralised around the networking of your effluent plant control system and instrumentation. This enables keeping our finger on the pulse at all times!

IT Setup

With your PLC and HMI networked back to our core firewall using an air gapped and encrypted connection, we can help you in many ways.

Service Visits

As effluent treatment experts, we are ready to take on any difficulty that could arise from your plant operations and take it to a successful resolution. We can ensure a set number of visits at regular intervals and also ensure a site attendance within 48h or 24h.


We can provide you with UKAS accredited analysis for the majority of the elements you are likely to be consented on or required to monitor to operate your plant.


We share our specific knowledge and know how through training or specific process expertise missions.

Spare Parts

We can provide you with all the spare parts required to maintain your plant.


We offer support to our clients at weekends or during bank holidays.

See below for further details on our effluent treatment support services.

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Effluent Treatment Support from our team of experts

What makes


... by the range of industrial pollutions we can address : pH, heavy metals, cyanides, hexavalent chromium, BOD, "Hard" COD, Fat Oil & Grease, suspended solids, sulphates, phosphorous, nitrates, Ammonia, and anything you can think of to challenge us.

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... by picking the right technology for the right problem to provide the client with a guarantee of performance. Here are some of the processes we cover : Coagulation, Neutralisation, Flocculation, Oxidation, Reduction, Flotation, Settlement, Filter press, Screw press, Centrifuge, Ion exchange resin, Membranes technologies etc.

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Case studies

... Solving tricky problems for our customers is what gives us the edge and the enjoyment - We relish a challenge. Explore our case studies of previous projects

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