Oxidation & AOP

Oxidation is a gain of oxygen

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What is it?

Oxidation is a gain of oxygen which can also be expressed as a loss of electrons for the species capturing the oxygen.

Enhanced oxidation is the use of highly reactive oxidising reagents.

Oxidation is used to treat effluent in many applications, for example :

  • Cyanide oxidation using sodium hypochlorite to convert cyanide into cyanate
  • “Destruction” of organics which chelates heavy metals

Whilst the above examples have been achieved using sodium hypochlorite (bleach), the destruction of the so called ” hard COD” (i.e. non easily biodegradable COD) is achieved using stronger reagents. The “power” of an oxidsing agent is expressed by its ORP (Oxydo-Reduction Potential).

In the below table, we have the value for stronger reagents such as Hydrogen peroxide and Ozone :

AOP Redox potentials

Redox potentials of some oxidising species

In fact, whether we use hydrogen peroxide with a catalyst (such as ferrous ion (Fenton Process) or UVc), or Ozone it is the generation of the highly reactive, extremely short lived (~nanosecond), hydroxyl radicals OH• we are after. Those have the power of breaking covalent bonds that other treatment would not touch

Whilst the storage and handling of those reagents present their own challenges, the reaction by-products are more environmentally friendly.


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