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pH Meters

pH Meters

pH/ORP programmable monitor and regulator 4 relay outputs; 2 analog outputs (4-20 mA); Automatic temperature compensation (pt100); PID & PWM regulations available; Delivers highly accurate readings.

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Bamophox 107M PH Meter

Wall Mounted version of the 107 pH Meter. Encased in IP65 durable and resistant casing. High quality build also allows for easy wiring and close proximity mounting. Read More

£755.00 Excl. VAT

Bamophox 107M/A PH Meter

(Full specification) Blind Unit for use with wall mounted 107M pH/ORP meter. Has a maximum connection length of 500 metres. Please Note: This only works in conjunction with an existing…

£695.10 Excl. VAT

Bamophox 107E PH Meter

Versatile and affordable pH/ ORP meter with user friendly interface. Like the 107M it has the option to twin the display unit with a blind unit.

£637.35 Excl. VAT

Bamophox 107E/A PH Meter

(Full specification) Blind Unit for use with panel mounted 107E pH/ORP meter. Has a maximum connection length of 500 metres. Please Note:This only works in conjuction with an existing Bamophox…

£524.75 Excl. VAT

Bamophox 107E + LOGBUS

Same panel mounted pH/ORP meter as the 107E with the addition of a secure data logging terminal. N.B Data is stored on an MMC card readable on (included) Bamophox software only.

£838.05 Excl. VAT

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    ... by picking the right technology for the right problem to provide the client with a guarantee of performance. Here are some of the processes we cover : Coagulation, Neutralisation, Flocculation, Oxidation, Reduction, Flotation, Settlement, Filter press, Screw press, Centrifuge, Ion exchange resin, Membranes technologies etc.

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