E.C. Williams

E.C. Williams (Birmingham – UK)

The Challenge

EC Williams had been asked by the Environment Agency to upgrade their effluent treatment plant and bund the entire plant. EC Williams was concerned about the potential impact of such work on their production and its financial consequences.

Puretech Solution

Puretech Environmental came up with a taylor made technical solution to correctly bund the entire effluent plant.

Using their design, management and fitting skills they completed the plant revamping in less than seven days from removal of the existing plant to commissioning of the new one featuring 2 storage and pumping tanks (2m3) and 2 reactors (4 and 6m3) including their instrumentation. See Surfaceworld Article

"Puretech's Environmental's performance was outstanding and exceeded all my expectations; I was especially pleased there was no disruption to the company's production operations."

Henrik Skouby | E C Williams Ltd
What makes


... by the range of industrial pollutions we can address : pH, heavy metals, cyanides, hexavalent chromium, BOD, "Hard" COD, Fat Oil & Grease, suspended solids, sulphates, phosphorous, nitrates, Ammonia, and anything you can think of to challenge us.

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... by picking the right technology for the right problem to provide the client with a guarantee of performance. Here are some of the processes we cover : Coagulation, Neutralisation, Flocculation, Oxidation, Reduction, Flotation, Settlement, Filter press, Screw press, Centrifuge, Ion exchange resin, Membranes technologies etc.

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Case studies

... Solving tricky problems for our customers is what gives us the edge and the enjoyment - We relish a challenge. Explore our case studies of previous projects

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