Effluent Treatment at Rolls-Royce ABCF

In 2012, Rolls-Royce invested in a new factory in Rotherham (UK) dedicated to the advanced casting technologies for the production of aircraft engine blades.

Manufacturing operations cover all aspects of blade production:  Shell, Wax, Casting, leaching, etching, NDT, vibro-finish, most of which generate an effluent which is to be treated prior to discharge to sewer.

The Challenge

Puretech Env. was appointed for the design, installation and commissioning of the complete waste water management and on-site effluent processing system.

Due to the great variety of effluent and the high contamination loading of certain streams, the effluent segregation was a key part of the project and essential to its successful delivery.

The principle contaminants are Nickel and Citric acid. Citrates from citric acid are mild chelating agents of nickel. They also generate COD.

Puretech Solution

The scope of work extended to the effluent collection from the manufacturing cells. Consequently, we specifically designed 13 pumping stations delivering the effluent to the ETP via 6 different streams. We also covered the storage and distribution of the fresh process chemicals.

Pumping station for effluent transfer

To ensure containment of the pipework, two containment trays were implemented, one for acid and one for alkaline, with a continuous leak detection tape ensuring alarm zoning.

Containment tray

The effluent treatment plant is based on a physico-chemical system which includes coagulation, precipitation, flocculation, settlement, sand filtration and sludge treatment on a filter press.

The citrates are specifically precipitated to keep the COD under control as well as preventing the complexation of Nickel.

The discharged effluent is monitored on an M’Certs monitoring station where the flow and volumes are recorded and a 24h composite sample taken.

The project was delivered on a complete turn-key basis.

All the pumping stations are networked with the effluent plant control system which, in the frame of the maintenance agreement with RR, can be remotely accessed by the operators.

A weekly report on fresh chemicals storage content is sent to the relevant staff.

Puretech Support Team can access the PLC to facilitate troubleshooting operations.


"We are delighted by the quality of your services and appreciate your responsiveness and professionalism in supporting our needs and business. You are very reliable and quick to respond to any issues, your effective communication with technical support is second to none, your customer-based approach and professional approach both from you management/office team and engineers to deliver the service to keep our client satisfied is amazing delivery, thanks to this we have managed our client needs and not affect their business daily requirements."

Ian Hauxwell | Mitie - RR Regional facility manager
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